Professional Work

Company: AMX Games

AMX Games is a media and gaming company founded by Stephanus Vermeulen. The company focuses on marketing and branding. Games were created for brands and for presentation purposes.

My Role

At AMX games I was responsible for managing and producing the games and 3D related Art. Besides creating art and building games I managed a team of interns in all aspects of game creation.

Next to games I also created certain 3D environments for brands like FOX and Hennesy for AMX Games.

Pirate Skies

Pirate skies is a game where you need to fly forward in 3D space avoiding or beating pirates and go through hoops to collect points. Literally.

Runner Game

Runner game where you can swap lanes. As a boy you run through Amsterdam as a dog is chasing you.


An adventure game where you need to protect a strange alien world against alien invaders. As you progress through the game you learn more about who you are and where you are.

3D Projects


This was a project for FOX where a part of a beach resort in Malibu had to be recreated in 3D with a stage idea. This project will be used for presentation and inspiration purposes and will likely be built in reality at that resort.


For Hennesy an idea of a interactive experience during a ferry ride was requested to be realized in 3D. Having buseniss meetings or relaxing on the upper deck of the ship.

Company: Mediaheads

Bird Character

For Mediaheads I created a bird character that had to be fully animated and able to interact with another character. Interesting part was to learn how to animate eyes.


I've also worked on a Unity game for Mediaheads which will be released for the mobile platform. This was a sidescrolling game where a character could fly through an endless world to collect words.

Kiev job

Kiev Bike

Here is a bike delevoped for a racing game for a client in Kiev. It had to be a futuristic bit styled bike similar to the tron style.